Monsoons are a difficult time for maintaining your looks. While the rains bring some respite from the scorching heat, this is also the time where you need to pay extra attention to your makeup and skin. You don’t want to be caught off guard with Choosing the right makeup or opting for the right skincare ritual can make a big difference to your looks. Here are 5 ways in which you can nail the monsoon look.

Perfect Match Primer

Many of us tend to skip the use of a primer or tend to underestimate the benefits. Using a primer underneath your makeup not only helps it stay longer but also helps prepare your skin by getting blood circulation smooth below your skin when you massage the primer. Our Perfect Match Primer has a satiny touch and is oil free. It helps mask fine lines and uneven texture, making your skin marvellously soft and smooth.

Creme Touch Lipstick

You should avoid using rich colors and stick to pastel and cool summer shades. Bright colors though attractive can look very heavy in humid weather. Choose from a wide range of shades from Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick for flawless, even coverage for that perfect pout. 

Mesmereyes Kajal

A must have in every Indian girl’s makeup bag is the favorite ‘kajal’. One product that can be sued in many ways – you can sue it as an eyeliner, perfect with mascara for the perfect minimal look or just use your kajal to line your inner lashline, to make your lashes appear thicker and fuller. The Mesmereyes Kajal from Colorbar contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, C, B and E3 with sunflower oil. Use it how you want to experiment with eye makeup and styles. You can run the kajal over your waterline once for a traditional look, or retrace the area once or twice to create a bolder, more dramatic appearance.

Stay the Day Finishing Mist

While many of us take hydrating mists to be an indulgence, they are an absolute must have and quick fix for hydration and a healthy complexion any time of the day. The Stay the Day Finishing Mist from Colorbar gives you two benefits – It works as a toner that keeps your skin hydrated, refreshed and calm. It also works as a hydrating mist that sets and refreshes your favorite makeup to make it last longer.